Our Company

About Us

Krishna World Wide Hosting is a special project undertaken by the Krishna World Wide Team, an international business development firm founded by Kumar Gauraw and Snigdha Krishna.

The intention behind the launch of this Krishna World Wide Managed WordPress hosting service is to handle all the technical aspects of your websites, enabling you to focus solely on your business, without the hassles and headaches that will otherwise consume your valuable time and energy.

Our dedicated team of professionals manage the technical aspects of your websites, such as maintaining backups,as well as top performance and enhanced security measures.

Frustrated with shared hosting, having struggled with top managed hosting services, we initially decided to host our own websites and those of our clients on our own hosting servers.

But, after testing our services and due to popular demand among our entrepreneur friends, we decided to extend our hosting service to other entrepreneurs who are looking for peace of mind and who do not want to deal with the technical jargon of website hosting.

Now, We Offer Our Service To You

With the success we achieved in managing WordPress hosting for our clients who trust us with their websites, we were encouraged to extend our service to an even wider audience.

And now, we proudly offer our services to you and your friends. When you host your websites on our servers, we treat your website with the same sincerity as we do for our own websites.

If you have any questions about our premium and personalized WordPress Hosting service, please send us an email to [email protected] and one of our team members will be honored to talk to you, understand your needs and answer your questions.