Question #1: How is Krishna World Wide Hosting different from other WordPress hosting options?

Yes, there are many WordPress hosting options you could choose from. There are popular shared hosting options and then there are equally popular managed WordPress hosting service providers as well.

However, there are distinct lines of separation between Krishna World Wide solution and other hosting options you could choose for your WordPress site. We differ from others in the following ways:

  1. We treat your website as our own website. We offer custom service for your particular needs. Plus, you will know who is working with you on your site every time you need something.
  2. While we are a hi-tech company making sure your website performance is optimal, we keep our focus in giving you a hi-touch service with world-class security to your websites at the same time. That is why we understand your needs and evaluate your site for our infrastructure before making the commitment to hosting you.
  3. Our goal is to take the pain of managing your WordPress and websites from you and give you peace of mind. This allows you to focus on your business knowing that your website is in good hands.
  4. We implement measures that tighten up your WordPress security; keeping your website safe in our environment. If there is any vulnerability identified within your website (plugins or your theme), we will let you know so you can help us keep your website safe.
  5. Finally, we review your sites for your SEO work and help you improve your site’s SEO score so you can get more traffic, search engine rankings, more leads and more sales.

This is what separates us from all WordPress hosting options and that is why our clients never recommend anybody else once they are settled in our environment.

Question #2: Is this the right hosting solution for me?

If you are in a shared hosting environment, you know that your website’s security is your responsibility. Your website backup is your responsibility. Also, when you have a problem, each time you talk to a new person, who may or may not know your unique situation.

We make sure that we treat your sites just like they’re our own. In this regard, we use the exact same performance and security configurations as our own sites. The security configurations and optimization settings we use are the result of our expertise and experience because we are also online publishers who actually run high-traffic sites.

If we need to try a new technology or a new configuration change, we test it on our own production sites first so that if something doesn’t work as we expect, you won’t get impacted negatively.

When you host with us, we’re all in this together. We communicate every small thing with you as our valued customer and, more than anything else, as a friend!

Question #3: What if my website’s performance doesn’t improve?

While WordPress websites on our platform perform extremely well, we cannot guarantee an improvement in your website’s speed if you have some serious structural issues with your WordPress theme or plugins.

So, while your website will definitely perform much better on our servers than your previous hosting environment, we can’t guarantee that a poorly coded theme or a site bloated with resource-consuming plugins will begin to magically perform world-class all of a sudden.

If you have performance issues with your particular website, no hosting solution will fully “solve” your performance problems without you willing to make changes in your site.

We, at Krishna World Wide, will suggest any changes that benefit you. If you are willing to work with us, we will optimize your site for maximum performance.

If this all sounds good to you, then Krishna World Wide hosting is the right hosting solution for you.

Question #4: Which plan is right for me?

For starters, when you are not sure if this is the right move for you, the safest way to start is with the beginner package. Host a couple of your websites and test our infrastructure so you know if our platform suits your needs.

Once you are satisfied, and then if you see your traffic needs increase or you want to host more websites, or even when you want us to manage your own VPS to host your websites seamlessly, let us know and we can easily set you up on higher end plans.

 Question #5: Do you provide migration services?

Yes! This is our opportunity to make your experience with Krishna World Wide hosting seamless. We take this opportunity to review your website’s structure, to clean your site as much as possible without breaking it, tune it up, and lock down the security.

And guess what? Many managed hosting solutions will charge you $100 for just doing this.

But, we do all the work and migrate your website on our servers for absolutely no cost to you.

Not just that, if you would like us to help you implement Cloudflare on your website for an additional layer of security (an optional but recommended service,) we will help you set it up at no charge!